And you Play as a rejected spike.......

Try to Kill Dave while he is on his way to the Store!

Controls are AWSD and Arrow Keys..

If you find Bugs or Errors, Please let me know, unless its on the list below. I know about them and im sorry about them if they effect game play.

- Sound is acting Strange

- Dave is a Idiot (Hes Sticks to walls / wont move)

- Rewind Loop Bug (Keeps rewinding for no reason)

- No End Scene (I know, Dave can be a Idiot, and is dead)

List of Stuff used to Make game


Game Engine - Construct 2

Plugins Used (3rd Party) - Canvas

Art - Paint.net

Art - Construct 2 sprite editor

Font - Minecraft (From Dafont)

Font - VT323 (From Google Fonts)

Music - FruityLoops

Music - Fakemusicgenerator.com

Sound FX - BFXR

I think thats everything!!

Made in 42 Hours